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How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

  1. How to determine your time
  2. Key influencing factors
  3. Marijuana detection times in various drug tests
  4. How to reduce marijuana detection time in drug test
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There is no definite answer to this question, since no one can say exactly how long does marijuana stay in your system. The time significantly varies from person to person.

When you smoke pot, THC metabolites get caught up in the fat cells (marijuana is fat soluble), from where they are gradually released over time. The length of this time is hardly predictable, it varies for every case from couple of days to one month and even more. The main factors that influence it are: the amount and potency of marijuana, frequency of smoking, age, weight and personal metabolism of smoker, his/her lifestyle, fluid intake etc. Normally, if you use marijuana on rare occasions, your urine gets free of THC in less than a week.

The approximate half life of marijuana metabolites in the human body is 7 days and THC calculator based on this index shows the average dynamics of the reduction of THC level in the human body over the course of time. It cannot predict how long does weed stay in your body, it shows only approximate daily THC levels of average person.

How to determine your time

But there is still a way to determine your personal time - to test yourself. Buy few home drug tests, stop smoking pot and test yourself every day until you get negative result. This will show how long does marijuana stay in your system, but do not forget that this time may also vary depending on various factors.

Key influencing factors

  • The amount and potency of marijuana. Obviously, the more you smoke, the more toxins will saturate your body, and the longer it will take to flush all of them out.
  • The frequency of smoking. Building on the above point, the more often you smoke marijuana, the longer it will take for your body to rid itself of toxins. The occasional smoker will be able to rid themselves of the THC much faster than a frequent smoker. But, there is a strange phenomenon that occurs with chronic smokers. You would expect that they are having the longest detection time and the smallest chance of passing drug test. But this is not always the case: sometimes chronic smokers with a high drug tolerance eliminate toxins quicker than occasional smokers.
  • Personal metabolism. Fast metabolisms lets the body naturally flush marijuana traces out of their body at an accelerated pace.
  • Age. This factor is closely linked to metabolism, which is usually slowing due to aging. Generally speaking - the younger you are, the faster your body will detoxify itself.
  • Weight. THC is stored in fat cells, so the less fat smoker has, the less THC accumulates in his body. Also, skinny people usually have faster metabolism, what lets them get rid of toxins faster.
  • Lifestyle. Physical activity burns fat and accelerates metabolism, so weed stays in the body of active people relatively shorter time as compared to inactive.
  • Fluid intake. Urination is highly important for cleansing the body of wastes. Drinking fluids speeds up urination process and flushes THC metabolites out of the body.

Marijuana detection times in various drug tests

There are different methods to detect marijuana in human body: you can check urine, hair, saliva, blood or sweat. But the time THC is present in all these substances after smoking varies significantly, so every drug testing method has different time range, in which marijuana can be detected.
  • Urine. This test is the most common method of detection and the aforementioned key factors strongly influence the marijuana detection time in urine. Usually for those who smoked weed only once, the detection time is from 2 to 6 days. For moderate smokers it is 1-2 weeks. Frequent users can test positive more than 2 weeks, and in rare cases marijuana can stay in the system of heavy smokers more than a month.
  • Hair. This kind of test is less common and key factors do not have any impact on its marijuana detection time. This test is the only one that cannot detect recent drug use, since hair needs time to grow. This is why you can test positive only starting from about one week after use. Traces of marijuana stay in the hair follicles for up 90 days and hair not only from head, but from other parts of the body can be used as a sample.
  • Saliva. This test has the shortest detection time period. It is intended to detect only the recent drug use and can detect marijuana only during first few hours after smoking with maximum of 24 hours.
  • Blood. THC stays in the blood not long time also - up to 24 hours. Blood testing is not common because it is invasive, so saliva test is preferable in most cases for detection of recent pot smoke.
  • Sweat. This test is the rarest, because it has complicated sample collecting procedure, where sweat patch is worn over the time. Marijuana can be detected in sweat during 1-4 weeks after use.

How to reduce marijuana detection time in drug test

If marijuana stays in your system long time, there are few ways to accelerate its removal from the body. For example, exercises and increases fluid intake are helpful, since these are among the main factors influencing the detox process. But these methods cannot be recommended for passing urine test, since exercises release toxins from fat into bladder, thus temporarily increasing the level of THC metabolites in urine, and excessive drinking makes urine look diluted, what leads to sample rejection.

If you need to prepare for a drug test, there are effective detox solutions available that will cleanse your system from marijuana in short notice. For hair test the detox shampoo must be used, for saliva test - the detox mouthwash and detox drinks and pills for urine test.

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